The Beginners Guide to Sub Ohm Vaping

There is a lot of wrong perceptions about Sub Ohm Vaping. Many new vapers are interested in Sub Ohm vaping. So, this is the answers to all you may have in your mind.

The first thing you have to know is what is the Sub Ohm Vaping exactly. So, we will give you a brief definition.
When you think about Sub Ohm Vaping, you think about big cloud. In this point, you are not wrong. The resistance of a coil used in atomizers is defined in ohms. If you are reducing the coil and you keep a constant voltage, it will make it warmer and you will have bigger steam.

Is it safe?
We can’t say at 100% that is safe, it depends of you. You have first to practice a lot to make sure that you understand how it work and then have a safest using of this product. It also depends of tank you choose.
If you are a beginner you should have a look on a vaping website before choosing yours.

What difference does a sub-ohm coil make?
With a sub ohm coil you will have more airflow, the cloud produced will increase and also the flavor. This is possible thanks to the resistance of the coil which get more electrical current flow.
It provides more energy to the coil and faster.

Do I need a special device to use a sub-ohm atomizer on?
There is a lot of different devices. Mainly in these two categories:
– Mechanical mods
– Regulated mods
But both of these cases you need a special device. Hight current can damage battery cells and lead to accidents. For this reason, it is important to use the correct device.

What type of e-juice should I choose with a sub ohm vaping?
Indeed, you have to use a specific e-juice with this kind of vaping. You need it because with the high temperature the traditional e-liquid doesn’t have the same taste, you will not have a decent flavor.
So, you have to check on the web which of e-juice could be the best for your sub ohm vaping.

Now you have a better understanding of what is a Sub Ohm Vaping. As it was explaining in this articles Sub Ohm Vaping is not for all the vapers. So, if you want to start you have to enquire about it.


Choosing the Best Vape Store

Vaping has fast become a global phenomenon and is supported by smokers and non-smokers alike. This fast-paced growth has been excellent for enthusiasts, but with the huge array of choice on the market, it’s tough for new vapers to know whether they should begin. There are new vape shops popping up on a daily basis, meaning there’s a level of service and support available to customers that has so far been unheard of. But the question is: how do you find a good vape supplier?

There are two main options for purchasing vape supplies: online stores, and brick-and-mortar stores. Both have the advantages and disadvantages. Online stores can generally offer a huge range at much lower prices because they do not have to pay overhead for a physical store. Shopping online means you can learn about whatever products interest you, see customer ratings, and discuss products on forums. The major disadvantage is that there is no ability to get hands on experience. Local stores, on the other hand, can enable in-person experience with the products. Local stores are usually staffed by knowledgeable people who can help you decide which products are right for you.

How to Choose the Best Local Store

If you want to touch products before you buy them or require the assistance of knowledgeable staff, a good local vape store is by far your best option. But with vaping becoming such a mainstream phenomenon, how do you find which of the many stores is the best one for you?

* Your gut instincts are valuable and you should trust your first impressions of a store. Ask yourself questions like, is the exterior that of a professional vape store, or is it just a tobacco store branching out? Is the store clean and organised? Are the shelves properly stocked?
* Good customer service speaks volumes. Were you greeted by staff when you entered? Did the staff ask what help you need? Are employees giving you what sounds like a generic sales pitch, or are they genuinely knowledgeable?
* A good vape store has non-judgemental employees and will be able to meet the needs of advanced users and absolute beginners. There should be someone on hand who can answer everything from the very basics to difficult technical questions.
* A confident business will have a good return policy and a satisfaction guarantee. If a business trusts its products, they’ll make sure there are options available if you have a problem.

Choosing the Best Vape Store Online

* Information is power. Use search engines to check up on the name of the site. If the results contain a lot of complaints, don’t bother wasting your time on them.
* Look up reviews. While shopping online lacks help from experienced local staff, there are many websites available where you can read through all of your options and customer reviews. Most websites even have customer reviews, although it is worth remembering the bad ones can be filtered out. Read reviews from multiple sources for greater confidence in what you’re buying.
* Trust your instincts. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
* Check out a site’s contact options before you make any purchases. Only buy from stores that have several potential contact avenues if you have a problem.

Do E Cigarettes Have Tar?

Do E-cigarettes Have Tar?
E-cigarettes are growing in popularity. However, with widespread popularity comes the question, are e-cigarettes really safe? Does it contain tar, which is one of the most harmful ingredients found in conventional cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are smoking devices, which operate on battery instead of tobacco smoke. These devices replicate the feel and look of conventional tobacco based cigarettes, and offer a viable alternative to those in the habit of smoking.

Tar is one of the major toxic substances associated with conventional cigarettes. When a smoker inhales tar, generated by the burning of tobacco, various mechanical and biochemical changes take place, which causes damage to lungs, in the long term. Tar contains harmful carcinogens, such as acrylamide, acrylonitrile, and benzene. Inhaling these toxic substances harm the delicate cells of the lungs, lead to mutations in the DNA of the cells, and cause cancer.
Tar can also paralyse the cilia in the lungs, contributing to other deadly diseases, such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema. The level of tar increases when the item is burnt, and in this regards, the last puffs on a cigarette are very dangerous, containing about twice the amount of tar, compared to what is contained in the first puff.

However, it is the way one uses tobacco cigarettes that cause the problem. Conventional cigarettes burn tobacco. The burning process produces smoke, and when smoke cools down, it produces tar, along with several other harmful chemicals such as Hydrogen cyanide and formaldehyde. Many such chemicals are carcinogenic.

E-cigarettes do not generate smoke but emit vapour instead. E-cigarettes have an entirely different process compared to conventional cigarettes. E-cigarettes use cartridges that contain nicotine, flavourings, and a smothering of some chemicals. A heating device embedded to the device converts the liquid into vapour, which the smoker inhales.
The most common liquids used in e-cigarettes are propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, both of which are safe for inhalation. Propylene glycol is the same ingredient used in a number of safe and legitimate applications, such as cosmetics, asthma inhalers, and also to sterilise drinking water. The only issue with propylene glycol, the more popular substance, is some people being allergic to it. However, there is no risk whatsoever of the chemical reaction generating harmful tar.

Most e-cigarettes contain nicotine, though. Nicotine, while not exactly healthy, is by no means carcinogenic, and burning nicotine does not produce tar. The research concludes the 40 known carcinogens, found tobacco smoke are absent in the vapour emitted by e-cigarettes, and e-cigarettes carry only about one percent to two percent of the risks associated with smoking conventional cigarettes, which puts e-cigarettes in the same risk category as drinking a cup of coffee.

An expert review published in the Website lists e-cigarettes to be about 95 percent safe compared to conventional smoke tobacco, and that e-cigarettes help smokers quit the habit. The absence of tar makes e-cigarettes safer than conventional tobacco based cigarettes. However, always make sure to buy e-cigarettes of reputed companies, who disclose the ingredients used in the e-cigarettes.

Do E Cigarettes Have Carcinogens?

Do e-cigarettes have carcinogens?

Recent cigarettes have been argued to be less harmful than traditional cigarettes. However, the health impacts of e-cigarettes have raised concern. As a result, researchers have resulted in conducting numerous research and studies to understand the impact of e-cigarette. E-cigarettes allow users to inhale an aerosol containing nicotine and these devices include, e-pens, e-pipes as well as e-cigars.

These devices use a heating element to heat e-cigarette liquid and thus releasing the chemical-filled aerosol. Research indicated that one of the reasons why the e-cigarette has gained popularity, especially among the youth is because of the different flavors in it.

Research indicates that the e-cigarette vapor contains toxic chemicals as well as carcinogens. The toxic levels of the e-cigarette emission can be influenced by the age, type, and temperature of the vaporizer. The concentration of toxic levels in the emissions also depends on the heating element. Research indicated that the toxic levels of emissions from a vaporizer with more than one heating element had a lower concentration compared to that vaporized with a single heating element.

In addition to that, researchers found that vaporizers that ran at a higher voltage had emissions containing more toxic chemicals compared to those that were on a lower voltage. Most of the toxic chemicals present in vaporizer smoke are as a result of thermal decomposition of glycol and glycerin.

These compounds are usually safe, but become toxic once they are vaporized. Studies also indicate the presence of cancer-causing chemicals in most e-cigarette liquid which includes an ingredient used in anti-freeze. However, research indicates that the levels of toxins also vary depending on the brand of the e-cigarette.
Flavors in e-cigarettes have also contributed to negative health impacts. The flavor ingredients used in e-cigarette are the same ones that are used on foods and thus are argued to be safe.

For instance, diacetyl is an ingredient used in food such as popcorn but has also used to make e-cigarette flavor. However, research indicates that this is not the case. The ingredients used have only been approved for use in food and as such are unsafe when used to make the flavors. The ingredients are used in food, hence are safe to eat and are therefore unsafe to inhale. Research indicates that the amount of flavor used in e-cigarette liquid is very little and the impact of inhaling it rather than digesting is yet to be established.

To regulate the health impact of cigarette smoking, most public spaces have been declared as smoke-free zones. Despite the fact that e-cigarettes do not contain smoke, they do expose others to secondhand emissions, which have almost the same health risk as the inhaled. This is because the emissions contain toxic chemicals including formaldehyde and acetaldehyde among others.

There is overwhelming evidence on the negative health impact of e-cigarette. However, some people have argued that the e-cigarettes are less harmful since like other cigarettes they are a tobacco product. This, therefore, implies that more research on the impact of e-cigarettes is necessary to undeniably establish that e-cigarettes are less or more harmful compared to the regular cigarettes.

Do Electronic Cigarettes Produce Smoke?

Do e cigarettes produce smoke?
An e-cigarette is a battery-fueled gadget that proselytes fluid nicotine into a fog or vapor that the client breathes in. There’s no fire, no slag, and no smoky scent. E-cigarettes don’t contain the greater part of the unsafe chemicals related to smoking tobacco cigarettes, for example, carbon monoxide and tar. Electronic cigarettes, otherwise called smokeless cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or e-cigs, are an options strategy for expending nicotine, the addictive synthetic found in tobacco.


Producers frequently plan e-cigarettes to look like customary cigarettes. However, they contain no tobacco and don’t require a match – or any fire whatsoever. There is no proof of damage to spectators from the introduction to e-cigarette vapor, and accessible confirmation shows that any danger of mischief is to a great degree low, particularly when contrasted and tobacco smoke.


Producers and fulfilled clients say the e-cigarette is a more advantageous contrasting option to tobacco cigarettes, which cause a huge number of deaths consistently. A few clients say e-cigs have decreased their “smoker’s hack,” honed their faculties of taste and smell, and even enhanced their rest.


The electronic cigarette was developed by Chinese drug specialist Hon Lik, who protected the gadget in 2003 and acquainted it with the Chinese market the next year. Various organizations are presently pitching e-cigarettes to clients around the globe. In any case, as e-cigarette smoking – or “vaping” as it’s occasionally called – has developed in ubiquity, some have worries about its wellbeing, including the likelihood that the vapor made by the gadgets contains perilous chemicals.


Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are intended for clients to breathe in nicotine without the greater part of the hurtful impacts of smoking. They convey nicotine by warming and vaporizing an answer that commonly contains nicotine, propylene glycol or potentially glycerine, and flavorings. As there is no consuming required, there is no smoke. Not at all like cigarettes, do e-cigarettes create tar and carbon monoxide. The vapor has been found to contain a few toxicants additionally found in tobacco smoke, however at much lower levels.


E-cigarettes by and large comprise of a battery, a vaporizing chamber, and e-cigarette fluid. The fluid can be contained in a fixed cartridge or can be added to a tank framework. Some e-cigarettes utilize an atomizer cartridge or “Customizer” that joins the vapourising framework and e-cigarette fluid in a solitary unit.


The ‘original’ e-cigarettes are ordinarily intended to resemble a cigarette and for the most part, utilize a customizer. ‘Second generation’ gadgets don’t take after cigarettes and contain a tank that the client loads with their decision of e-cigarette fluid, with different qualities and flavors accessible. All the more as of late ‘third generation’ gadgets have risen which have variable voltage and can be utilized with a scope of atomizers, cartomizers and tank frameworks.


E-cigarettes are managed in the UK under the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016. The controls, which came into compel in May 2016, have acquired more tightly gauges of well being and quality, and more tightly limitations on publicizing and advancement. They are intended to guarantee that e-cigarettes are protected and that individuals have the data they have to settle on educated options. Makers of e-cigarettes need to fit in with new security models, including determining the fixings utilized as a part of their item and restricting the measure of tanks and refills.


As per the 2016 ASH/You Go Smoke-free Britain Survey, an expected 2.8 million grown-ups in Great Britain as of now utilize e-cigarettes. Of these, 1.4 million are smokers, and 1.3 million have totally quit smoking. Among under-18, while experimentation with e-cigarettes is genuinely normal, standard utilize is uncommon and completely bound to the individuals who have effectively smoked.
To give extra security to kids and youngsters, in October 2015 it got to be distinctly unlawful for retailers in England and Wales to offer e-cigarette items to anybody less than 18 years old or for grown-ups to get them for the benefit of under-18.

E Cigarettes and your Lungs

DO E-cigarettes hurt your lungs?

E-cigarettes also called electronic cigarettes are nicotine delivery systems that deliver the chemicals in form of vapour instead of smoke they are also battery operated. The user inhales the vapour which is called vaping. E-cigarettes are a tobacco product and many experts still remain concerned about their impact on general health and their opinions on the health implications of vaping. More research on e-cigarettes is required either way.

Many E-cigarette companies market this gadget as a tool used to help quit smoking regular cigarettes. This has actually seen the e- cigarettes become a common form of support to stop smoking beating patches and gums.

However, Inhaling nicotine and other compounds found in e-cigarettes has been proven to cause some health complications. Vaping has been said also to damage the cell barrier protecting the lining of the lungs. Some experts have reported that the compounds found in e-cigarettes were toxic to lung tissue.

E-cigarettes have become very popular among the youth over the last couple of years with some young teens getting addicted to them hence raising the concern on its risks. It was discovered that e-cigarettes do have a negative impact on a developing brain.

Researchers pointed out that it is less harmful than smoking but have found that the device has caused some health issues such as inflammation of the lungs which is a sign of cell stress and is also said to obstruct the airwaves.

Many lung Association in different communities have come out supporting the ban on the use of e-cigarettes in public areas such as bars and parks. Even though the e-cigarettes do not contain smoke they are harmful to others too from secondhand emissions. Some places that have banned cigarette smoking have a ban on e-cigarettes too which goes to say that they are considered harmful but some people say that the ban on cigarettes is the reason to use e-cigarettes.

E -cigarettes have also been said to contain harmful components such as carbonyl compounds and nicotine being the main issue being that it is very addictive.

There are thousands of flavours to choose from when buying e-cigarettes but these flavours have become a topic of discussion with some experts saying that they are harmful and are being used to get the youths and kids hooked. Parents are advised not to use the e-cigarettes in front of their kids to avoid the mentality that they are a better option as compared to cigarettes.

E-cigarettes contain a liquid known as the e-liquid found in cartridges the e-liquid is created from nicotine in tobacco and mixed with other chemicals and flavours too. Some companies have products that they claim to be non-nicotine but still, contain traces of nicotine.

E-cigarettes have been proven harmful to asthmatic people and also on pregnant women as well. There have been some claims of e-cigarette poisoning as a result of inhaling the products nausea and even premature deaths.People with lung conditions are better of not smoking anything other than fresh air. Medical Experts say quitting smoking as a whole is generally a wiser decision.

The use of e-cigarettes is also said to cause some people to start smoking tobacco and other products.

There are millions of users in the world and thousands of people in the UK have reported that e-cigarettes helped them quit smoking regular cigarettes. Many users say it is healthier than smoking. Researchers are still doing more tests and extensive research on the e-cigarettes topic.

Do you Smoke an E Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is a gadget that makes it possible for you to inhale nicotine without all the harmful effects that are involved with smoking.

E-cigarettes operate by heating and generating vapour from an E-Liquid which is a solution of nicotine, glycerine, propylene glycol, and flavours. Since there is no burning, there is no smoke. While cigarettes produce tar and carbon monoxide, e-cigarettes do not. However, the vapour produced by e-cigarettes still contains the harmful chemicals found in the smoke produced by cigarettes, but at greatly lower levels.

E-cigarettes are made of a vaporising chamber, an e-cigarette liquid, and a battery to power it. There is a cartridge that is filled with the e-liquid and the heating equipment inside converts the liquid into a vapour, which is inhaled by the user. This is why using an e-cigarette is knows as ‘vaping’.

So if you decide to use an e-cigarette as a way of quitting smoking, how do you use it?

• Prepare the e-cigarette
 Get an e-cigarette kit
The kit contains an e-liquid which comes in a range of flavours, rechargeable battery, a charger, and an e-liquid cartridge. If you are trying to quit, you might want to consider going for a low nicotine level and a flavour whose taste you love.
 Charge the battery.
Since the e-cigarette runs on batteries, it goes without saying that you should fully charge the battery of your cigarette.
Avoid putting the batteries on a wet surface, direct sunlight, or heat as this will reduce the lifespan of your battery.
 Screw the liquid cartridge.
When you have a fully charged battery, screw the liquid cartridge into the opening on the e-cigarette. Sometimes the e-cigarette comes with the e-liquid already filled. If it does not, then you have to buy e-liquid and then put into the cartridge.
Regularly check the liquid cartridge to know when you need to change it.

• Inhaling the e-cigarette
 Note that inhaling the vapour from an e-cigarette is different from inhaling that from a normal cigarette.
 Do not draw the vapour directly into your lungs like in the case of a traditional cigarette. Not only will this cause the liquid to be directly drawn into your mouth, which is nasty, but it will also spoil the heater coil.
 Draw the vapour into your mouth slowly and steadily. Hold it in there for 4-5 seconds, then exhale through your mouth or nose or inhale into your lungs if you wish. Smoke it the same way you would a cigar if you have ever smoked a cigar.
 Take about 3-7 draws at a time to allow your throat a rest and give the e-cigarette time to cool.
 Nicotine effect is slower with e-cigarettes. It takes 30 seconds to feel the effect from an e-cigarette and 8 seconds with a traditional cigarette.
Mostly, the longer you draw the vapour, the stronger your throat hit.
The e-liquid flavouring can also affect the vapour levels you get. If you want a stronger throat hit, then it is better to get a more tobacco based flavour or get an e-liquid with a higher level of nicotine.
However, high levels of nicotine can be addictive and lead to health problems like cancer.

Advertised as a way of assisting smokers to quit the habit, no evidence shows that e-cigarettes can actually help someone stop smoking. They have actually been found to be a health risk to the people who use them and those who stand around these people and passively breathe the second vapour. This means that it is not safe to smoke e-cigarettes in places where smoking is not allowed.